The virtual world dominates the lives of many people, particularly those who spend the majority of their waking hours fighting wars or building cities in some digital alter ego form. In developing their ‘Yamaha My Garage Apps‘, Yamaha has capitalised on the desire for these virtual worlds and provided riders with a fun way to own a bike of a rider’s own custom design.

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My Garage MT, Supersport and Sport Heritage

Yamaha My Garage App

The very cool Yamaha My Garage apps make it possible for you to digitally customise bikes within the Sport Heritage, MT and Supersport Ranges. You simply choose your desired model and then transform them into your perfect ride in 3D.

You can explore all the options and customisations available before choosing the parts you want. You can then see your ideal Yamaha model come to life in an ultimate 3D experience. Whether you’ve selected the vintage inspired XSR700, Torque crazy MT-09 or track-ready YZF-R1, you can choose any option and review every detail.

Choose from multiple exhaust options, change your seat or bars, the multiple available options will ensure your bike is just right for you.

Once you’ve created your perfect bike you can then store it in your personal, virtual garage and visit anytime to check out the photo album of your bike in full 3D. And yes, if you so desire you can share what you’ve built with your friends, and the rest of the world through social media.

What’s really cool is you can send your virtual build to your local dealer and they’ll do the rest, ensuring you can ride out in the real world on the bike you designed and built in the Yamaha My Garage app. Obviously different countries have different options available so it is probably worth checking in with your dealer first.

The Yamaha My Garage apps are available from iTunes and the Android Play Store:

iOS iTunes

Android Play Store

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