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Bike Stig Style Range for 2015

Well it’s finally here, our 2015 Bike Stig Style Catalogue of Tees for men and women. Available in the highest quality tees we can get, styles we want to wear out ourselves. And for a limited time, we will giveaway a Free Tee with any order.


Bike Stig Style

Our goal was to bring the style to our motorbike lives. This design is available for both men and women in premium quality, stylish tees. Women’s are available in Marli Tee design with stylish curved tails as well as a Bevel V Neck design. Men’s are available in the Staple Tee design which fits extremely well and lasts a long time.

Bike-Stig-Style-Womens-Tshirt-Bevel-V-Neck-GREY-MARLE Bike-Stig-Style-Womens-Mali-ARMY-GREEN Bike-Stig-Style-Mens-Staple-WHITE Bike-Stig-Style-Mens-Staple-RED

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Heart and Soul

An elegant design intended to bring the heart and soul of motorbiking together. Available for both men and woman in premium quality, style tees. Women’s are again available in Marli Tee design with stylish curved tails as well as a Bevel V Neck design. Men’s are available in the Staple Tee design which is our highest quality style that can be worn out.

Heart-and-Soul-Tee-Staple-Tee-Men-FOREST-MARLE Heart-and-Soul-Tee-Staple-Tee-Men-RED Heart-and-Soul-Tee-Mali-Women-LIGHT-BLUE-MARLE Heart-and-Soul-Tee-Bevel-V-Neck-Women-GREY-MARLE

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Freedom Machine

This is our expression of the freedom only we know as motorbike riders. The wings and motorbike depict the integration of two wheels and the freedom of flight. Only available for men in the Staple Tee design which is our highest quality style intended to be at home on the bike as well as worn out.


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Life Behind Bars

An expression of the life sentence we’ve all been infected with – a Life Behind Bars. One for the men and once again available in the Staple Tee design which know you’ll love and wear with pride.

Life-Behind-Bars-Mens-Staple-Tee-RED Life-Behind-Bars-Mens-Staple-Tee-GREY-MARLE Life-Behind-Bars-Mens-Staple-Tee-FOREST-MARLE Life-Behind-Bars-Mens-Staple-Tee-BRIGHT-ROYAL

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