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Who Is The Bike Stig?

The Bike Stig isn’t really a single person. When I started The Bike Stig it was always meant to be a philosophy that represents safe riding and the motorbike life and style we all love.

Through the work of our Bike Stig Team, our goal is to achieve that and help others enjoy the motorbike life and style as much as we do.

Collectively, the boys below have more than 70 years of riding experience and some 25 years of motorbike racing experience. Between the two of them they have owned 55 motorcycles, been owned by 3 wives and travelled more than 1 million kilometres on two wheels.

They are using their considerable experience to test and recommend products, and teach riders who want to learn and develop solid foundations for a long and enjoyable motorcycle lifestyle.

bike stig boys

The BikeStig Boys

Here’s a bit more information about the boys.


George L

Bike of Choice – BMW S1000RR (one of his current bikes)

Favourite Riding Situation – Fast, high speed sweepers

Loves … – Roadtrips with his lady

Thinks He’s Good At – Suspension Setting

Favourite Movie – Skyfall (only for the rooftop bike chase)

Favourite Bike Celebrity – Prince William (he’s torn between cool and royal)

Pet Hate – Riders with no respect for other motorists

Crashed – You bet, 3 hard ones on bitumen, 100s on the dirt

Tyre of Choice – Continental TKC70 (on the GS) and Pirelli Supercorsa (on the RR)

Most Embarrassing Bike Moment – Kick start lever caught up leg of jeans when stopping at traffic lights … oops

Scariest Bike Moment – Tank slapper on BMW S1000RR at speed

Would Love To – Blow up T’s bike again ( he has history of doing this)

Best Practical Joke – Blowing up T’s bike

One Day – I’ll own a ranch with flat track, motocross track and 200hp dirt bikes to share with CSS coaches … oh and a nice log cabin for the missus [/twocol_one] [twocol_one_last]


Bike of Choice – Ducati Multistrada 1200 S

Favourite Riding Situation – Executing smooth fast corners technically correct

Loves  – Riding with family and friends anywhere, anytime

Thinks He’s Good At – Coaching

Favourite Movie – Worlds Fastest Indian

Favourite Bike Celebrity – Bruce Springsteen (Victory motorcycle rider)

Pet Hate – Arrogant riders and ignorant drivers

Crashed – Many mining experiences on dirt bikes

Tyre of Choice – Dunlop Q3

Most Embarrassing Bike Moment – Photographed and videoed sitting on a friends Harley as it was being push started

Scariest Bike Moment – Near miss with cattle crossing the road on a wet and cold night

Would Love To – Design and build a motor-sports facility

Best Practical Joke – On an overnight ride, finding out one of our team had a bar tab running…and ensuring all other team members  used the tab  appropriately.

One Day – I’ll race a full series on road circuits in Australia


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